Sunday, 29 April 2012

Note to self.. you're not 20 anymore.

Went out for a friends birthday on Friday evening.  'Appy Birtday Nikilicious! "oh.. I'm not going to drink." i lied.  I got shittered.  Wouldn't be so bad but, we had planned a 10ish km snowshoeing adventure in the mountains on Saturday morning.

I didn't have time to go to the gym on Friday evening. once I got home from work we had to be DT for 6pm but, I really wanted to go and started to get ready then realized if I did we'd never get there on time.

The alarm went off at 0630 yesterday morning and I wanted to die. We had to be at a friends house for 0730 to head out to the mountains because it was about a 1.5h drive to get to our hiking spot! I may or may not have thrown up several times before leaving the house but, I had to suck it up and go on the hike.   As I was packing my bag to go I had to lay down about 16 times before I got the 5 or 6 things together lol

We made a pit stop to McDonalds but, I was so not interested in food because of the nausea.  I took an emergen-c and about 20 mins later I felt like a whole new person.  Still tired/dragged out but, the headache and upset belly were gone.  I dunno if it was a fluke or not but, I'm gonna stock up and test it again.  Maybe some weekend in September i'll be ready to drink again. lol

We finally got at shandas and then headed to the Kananaskis.  We did this hike.  It was freaking hard (since I wasn't feeling that great).  All up hill!  But, the view at the end was well worth it.  We were right at the base of a mountain.  I had never been so close to them before.  It was phenomenal.  Totally regret not taking my camera but, I was in no shape to think about taking my camera when we were heading out the door.  I can't wait to do the same hike this summer.

The weather was so nice.  Of course I dressed in layers upon layers because I'm ALWAYS cold.  Well.  That was a mistake.  I was dying.  It was so warm we all ended up with crazy sunburns!

This was the view from Chester Lake

I'm always in awe of the mountains each and every time we head there but, being so close to them was insane.

Remember when I said the hike up to the mountains was all up hill? Well as we started our descent back down to the car (post picnic where all damien packed us were granola bars..) this is what we saw... they weren't lying.  Thank god for snowshoes because it was slippy with all the melting snow!

After we got back into the City we went to Spicy Hut (if you like Thai food def. check this place out. Best cashew chicken I've had thus far.  We've eaten there a bunch of times and have never been disappointed.  We love hole in the wall restaurants) and then back to Shandas where we drank our faces off again.. Round #2.  It started with 4 of us and by the end of the night there were probably about 20 people.  Most random party ever but, so much fun! Poor damien was a hurting unit today.  Total role reversal because I had to take care of him.

This is how I spent my day today

I'm off to bed but, probably won't sleep because I pretty much slept til 6pm.  The gym awaits me tomorrow :)


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Imma big girl now!

Went to the gym again tonight (last night too) but, tonight I went solo.  Damien bailed on me but, I persevered and went alone.  Another HUGE feat.  I was a bit nervous but, I survived.  It was like ripping off a bandaid.

I worked my arms, thighs and bum tonight.  Totally feel like a jellyfish (if I was to guess what a jellyfish feels like lol)

I did my normal workout on the "machines" and then did some free weights.  I didn't do any serious
legs tonight (HA! I said serious about some form of exercise) because I worked them hard last night.  I can definitely notice that my thighs are starting to tone but, I rarely do anything for my calves so, last night I focused on them! They're a bit tender today.. hoping to get rid of my chicken legs lol

I think I need to stop doing full body (or my version of full body) workouts and set certain days for different muscle groups! I found this on pinterest a while ago and I think it's awesome!! Really need to inquire into a trainer.. maybe on the weekend!

I do focus on my abs (that's really my goal.. have some kick ass abs to rock this summer.. gotta have goals right?) every workout and I'm starting to feel and i think see that my mid-upper stomach is staring to be defined but, the bottom isn't toning as fast.  Anyone have a recommendation on an exercise they like for the lower stomach/obliques? Something that works for you perhaps?

I'm seriously gonna put my mind to it and start going to the gym in the mornings.  I'm awake early enough but, I'm not a morning person so it's always super hard to drag my arse out of bed during the week.  But, come Monday I'm gymmin it in the AM so I can golf in the PM!

I'm exhausted now (after being up since 312am due to my friggen cats wanting to frolic in the backyard..) and it's bedtime now!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So, we went golfing (driving range) tonight instead of to the gym.  For Christmas I found a groupon for the driving range (2 for 1) so, I bought them to put in our stockings.  Turned out to be the bestest xmas gift in ages.  We each got 900 minutes to use from December to June.  We've spent so much time at the range it's insane.

Probably the 2nd of 3rd time we were there one of the instructors was watching my horribleeeee form and came over to me and gave me a free lesson (lolll) We decided to give lessons a go and tonight was lesson #3.  All we did tonight was drive.  I probably hit about 150 balls (or more.. they're unlimited).  My biceps and triceps are like jelly.  My wrists are sore and I have blisters on my palms.  AWESOMEEEEEEEE (for realzzz)!

We've been spacing the lessons apart so I can practice what I've learned before going into the next lesson.  Wanted to get the best bang for my buck since lessons are freaking expensiveeeeeeeeeeee.  Definitely would not have been able to do that without the groupon (thanks groupon:)

I can't wait to actually get out on the course so I can try what I've learned in a game.  We tried to go golfing on Sunday but, pretty much everything was booked up (since it was 27ish degrees...) so, we settled for the outdoor range instead.

The lessons are totally helping.  I finally get the concept of the golf swing (it's like you're in a barrel.. who knew?) Damien can't understand how I was able to hit the ball before without knowing that concept but, apparently I was able to compensate.  I'm not actually as uncoordinated as I thought I was (according to our instructor).

I did really good tonight.  The majority of the balls went straight and where I wanted them to go.  It wasn't my normal fluke that I did what I was supposed to do.  I just hope I can do that the next time we're at the range (indoor or out) or on the course.  Calling for 16 degrees on Sunday (hopefully that stays) so we'll probably book a tee time for then.

my arms and body are getting sorer as I type lol but, it's a good sore.

bedtime for this skinny bitch!
Another gym adventure awaits me tomorrow...

Monday, 23 April 2012


Went back to the gym tonight after way too much time off (I had a horrible head cold/sinus infection and felt like death for almost 10 days then was recovering from no sleep in vegas...)

I thought I would have to start from square one but, to my surprise I didn't! I actually increased the resistance on most of the machine thingies (damien gets mad at me when I call them machines, but like WTF are they called???) he can't even tell me.. "they have different names".. no shit captain obvious.  So, I call them machines lol

My favorite "machines" are the ab ones.  I love the ab thingie and the oblique thingie. I am determined to have defined obliques by this summer.  I'm already noticing a difference in my toning.  My bum has gotten firmer and is more snug in my pants (all hail potential junk in muh trunk:)

This is similar to the ab "machine" at the leisure center but, it's more sophisticated than that with the same concept.  Anyone know the proper name for it? Help a sista out.

Below is similar to the oblique machine that I use.  At first I found it SUPER difficult to do it.  I would mostly use my arms but, now I only use my obliques.  I'm amazed at how defined the use of my muscles are.  I can differentiate between different muscles now when I do different exercises that I couldn't before.
 Damien's impressed with my progress and says he says that I'm starting to get toned.  I can't really notice that yet other than my abdominals and bum.  But, I'm gonna keep at er and by summer I'll be a toned skinny bitch ;)

Off to bed I go!