Monday, 23 April 2012


Went back to the gym tonight after way too much time off (I had a horrible head cold/sinus infection and felt like death for almost 10 days then was recovering from no sleep in vegas...)

I thought I would have to start from square one but, to my surprise I didn't! I actually increased the resistance on most of the machine thingies (damien gets mad at me when I call them machines, but like WTF are they called???) he can't even tell me.. "they have different names".. no shit captain obvious.  So, I call them machines lol

My favorite "machines" are the ab ones.  I love the ab thingie and the oblique thingie. I am determined to have defined obliques by this summer.  I'm already noticing a difference in my toning.  My bum has gotten firmer and is more snug in my pants (all hail potential junk in muh trunk:)

This is similar to the ab "machine" at the leisure center but, it's more sophisticated than that with the same concept.  Anyone know the proper name for it? Help a sista out.

Below is similar to the oblique machine that I use.  At first I found it SUPER difficult to do it.  I would mostly use my arms but, now I only use my obliques.  I'm amazed at how defined the use of my muscles are.  I can differentiate between different muscles now when I do different exercises that I couldn't before.
 Damien's impressed with my progress and says he says that I'm starting to get toned.  I can't really notice that yet other than my abdominals and bum.  But, I'm gonna keep at er and by summer I'll be a toned skinny bitch ;)

Off to bed I go!

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