Thursday, 31 May 2012

aint no thanggggggg like a pure strengh class;)

I did it. i effing did it. I went to the pure strength class and actually made it through from start to finish without feeling the need to puke on the poor lady working out next to me.

I made a friend within the first 32 seconds of the class.  A lady probably in her 60s decided to take me under her wing.  Whenever she went to get the equipment we needed for the class she'd get me some too lol

Tonight we used the bar, dumbbells, sliders (totally envisioned myself doing the splits and tearing something including my pants) and a bosu (learned a new word today..)

Did a lot of squats, lunges, planks, and a bunch of other stuff but, I have no idea what they're called.

All in all it was great and I can't wait to go back :) Gonna go to spin class again this weekend too.. i was 'scheduled' to do it sunday but, I may do it on saturday instead!

ps: i shit the bed on this post but, i'm far too exhausted to type right now lol

I am spent and just finished supper.. at 9pm so, I'm off to bed to read!

Peace out folks

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Trainer session 1.

Had my first session with a personal trainer tonight and signed up for 10 weekly sessions (ohmigodohmigodohmigod)

Tonight was just a basic get to know each other and develop my goals, talk about my current fitness and nutrition status, etc.

  • Goal #1: Be able to ROCK a bikini by our trip in December.  Hopefully, that goal will be met long before December.. (destination TBD.. anyone have any recommendations?)
  • Goal #2: Gain 15lbs. eat some serious shit, haters.

I've had goal #2 since I graduated high school in 2001.  It was actually 20lbs and 12 years later i'm still no where near achieving that. However, I have gained and kept 5lbs on since I started the gym in March. :D

E. did a bunch of measurements tonight.. basically my whole body.  When she did my biceps she said.. "Wow. You have big biceps for someone your size" AWW YEAH BITCHES... i was as proud as a peacock..I can't even explain how awesome it made me feel.  I did that all on my own in just a few weeks.  So, I can't imagine what strides I will take with E. assisting me.

My right bicep is a little bigger than my left as I'm right handed but, she said we'd work on that so they're both the same size lol

This week I basically have to get my eating in check.  I need to eat 5-6 meals a day (eat roughly q3h) and ensure that I have a protein with each meal/snack.  I keep track of my meals on myfitnesspal and I'm eating OK I just need to tweak things a bit (not tweaking like the gummy bears that used to frequent the street corner by our apartment downtown;)

I also learned tonight that the body will only absorb ~20g of protein at a time (i did bad in nutrition at university lol) so, when i have my protein shakes it contains 32g of protein so it's a waste really.. for most people that excess can turn into fat but, my body doesn't store fat so as a result my metabolism will just work harder to burn it off. eff you metabolism.

I've also committed to going to the pure strength class tomorrow night and spin class on sunday morning.  I will definitely golf one day this weekend too! Now, I actually am accountable to someone (other than myself) and won't want to let her down.

I keep having flashbacks from spin class and holy moses.. I hope I survive.  Jodi told me to do a blog entry play by play of spin class but, it probably wouldn't make for a nice read if every 2nd word was holy see you next tuesday. lol

Anyone have any good recipes for shakes, etc they'd like to share? :)



Tuesday, 29 May 2012

worst blogger in zee world.

I stopped blogging about my gym adventures because they've been quite sparse.  But, to my defense for the 2 weeks prior to this week I spent a lot of time golfing and there really isn't enough hours in the day to hit the gym and the greens.  I have been making my rounds at the gym twice a week lately (hangs head in shame)

I went to my first spin class on sunday. holysweetjesus. Definitely not something to write home to your mudder about.  I thought i was going to voom about 18 times and actually had to mentally overcome puking on the poor girl getting her spin-on next to me (for realzzz).  It was so intense. I am going to try it again and hopefully this time i'll be 'prepared' (as prepared as a person can be for such shenanigans)

I had to sit down on the bench outside the room for about 15 minutes before I could start to venture home.  Then, once I stood up my poor thighs were shaky and my legs wouldn't work.  I'm sure i looked like a robot trying to make my way though the hall... definite case of ataxia.  Jesus, it was hard to walk lol

I start with a trainer tomorrow night.  IAMSOBLOODYEXCITED!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to have a regime designed specifically for me.  I'm tired of wandering around the gym trying to think of things to do next.  I think it will definitely make me way more motivated than I have been lately.  I'm also pumped to see if I'm doing things correctly.

I will definitely start updating more after tomorrow night!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Skinny bitches are people too.

Kinda shit the bed on the gym front this week.  I've gone once.  But, to my defense.. work has been a gong show (so so so busy).  There are also still 3 days left til the new week begins so, I'll get there 3-4 times this week!

Tonight I did mostly free weights. yay.  Damien just showed me some things to do and I did them.  I focused on my arms and traps as a result. All with dumbbells:
  1. Front/lateral raise
  2. Shoulder press
  3. Wrist extensions
  4. Shrugs
  5. Bicep/Hammer curl
  6. Tricep kickback
  7. Tricep extensions (behind the back)
Look at me using gym lingo ;) I should also mention that I've graduated from 5lbs dumbbells (yeah.. eat shit) to 10lbs! yeahhhhhhhhhh.  I couldn't focus on certain muscle groupings with the 5lbs.. wasn't heavy enough.
Then I did obliques and abs (which I do each time I go to the gym).  I did them on my usual "machines" but, I also did them on an exercise ball too which was wayyyyyyyy harder.  I did resistance squats but, I wanted to do them with the bench press bar but, the only one I could find weighed 45lbs.. NO DICE.  I'm sure there are lighter ones somewheres.  I'll go on an adventure next time and actually search for one.  Or just ask one of the staff if they do exist lol

Then I did a bunch of leg raises on the dip machine.  My groins (my poor little groins are brutal.. always have been) can't handle having my legs parallel to the floor so, I did it with bent knees both straight on and diagonal.

I think that was all the weights/resistance I did tonight.  Then I did about 20 minutes of cardio.

After the gym we went for ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHIIIIIIII! If you're a sushi fan.. definitely check out Sushi King on 16th ave.  By far the best value for your buck.

Then after sushi we went to popeyes so I could get some sort of meal supplement to take between my meals to try and get extra calories/protein.  I ended up getting Muscle Mlk.  I haven't tried it yet because I'm way too full from the sushi but, I'll try it on my way to work tomorrow with whole milk.

The guy was trying to figure out which supplement would be the best for me so he asked me what I ate for lunch today.  I told him I had Wendy's (which I hadn't eaten since july or august..) and then he asked what I ate at wendy's.  I told him I had the spicy chicken combo.  He then asked me how many spicy chickens I ate. "uhhhh... one...?" *blank stare* wtf buddy? I'm sure my facial expression was stellar.  Damien almost peed himself laughing. what a tit.  Buddy was totally a roid junky too. lol

like who seriously asks a person "how many spicy chickens did you eat for lunch?" ... I'm still giggling about it.  He also proceeded to tell me to eat double cheeseburgers between my meals.  I refused and said "no. I'm not gonna eat like shit" I may have cussed at him a few times.. idiot.

I think I'm gonna create a workout book to take to the gym with me that will have different routines for different muscle groups.  Maybe that's kinda weird. but, meh.. it's right up my alley.

Gonna go to the gym again tomorrow night before I go to slowcoaster.

It's bedtime pour moi!
-K :)