Thursday, 31 May 2012

aint no thanggggggg like a pure strengh class;)

I did it. i effing did it. I went to the pure strength class and actually made it through from start to finish without feeling the need to puke on the poor lady working out next to me.

I made a friend within the first 32 seconds of the class.  A lady probably in her 60s decided to take me under her wing.  Whenever she went to get the equipment we needed for the class she'd get me some too lol

Tonight we used the bar, dumbbells, sliders (totally envisioned myself doing the splits and tearing something including my pants) and a bosu (learned a new word today..)

Did a lot of squats, lunges, planks, and a bunch of other stuff but, I have no idea what they're called.

All in all it was great and I can't wait to go back :) Gonna go to spin class again this weekend too.. i was 'scheduled' to do it sunday but, I may do it on saturday instead!

ps: i shit the bed on this post but, i'm far too exhausted to type right now lol

I am spent and just finished supper.. at 9pm so, I'm off to bed to read!

Peace out folks

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