Tuesday, 29 May 2012

worst blogger in zee world.

I stopped blogging about my gym adventures because they've been quite sparse.  But, to my defense for the 2 weeks prior to this week I spent a lot of time golfing and there really isn't enough hours in the day to hit the gym and the greens.  I have been making my rounds at the gym twice a week lately (hangs head in shame)

I went to my first spin class on sunday. holysweetjesus. Definitely not something to write home to your mudder about.  I thought i was going to voom about 18 times and actually had to mentally overcome puking on the poor girl getting her spin-on next to me (for realzzz).  It was so intense. I am going to try it again and hopefully this time i'll be 'prepared' (as prepared as a person can be for such shenanigans)

I had to sit down on the bench outside the room for about 15 minutes before I could start to venture home.  Then, once I stood up my poor thighs were shaky and my legs wouldn't work.  I'm sure i looked like a robot trying to make my way though the hall... definite case of ataxia.  Jesus, it was hard to walk lol

I start with a trainer tomorrow night.  IAMSOBLOODYEXCITED!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to have a regime designed specifically for me.  I'm tired of wandering around the gym trying to think of things to do next.  I think it will definitely make me way more motivated than I have been lately.  I'm also pumped to see if I'm doing things correctly.

I will definitely start updating more after tomorrow night!

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