Thursday, 26 April 2012

Imma big girl now!

Went to the gym again tonight (last night too) but, tonight I went solo.  Damien bailed on me but, I persevered and went alone.  Another HUGE feat.  I was a bit nervous but, I survived.  It was like ripping off a bandaid.

I worked my arms, thighs and bum tonight.  Totally feel like a jellyfish (if I was to guess what a jellyfish feels like lol)

I did my normal workout on the "machines" and then did some free weights.  I didn't do any serious
legs tonight (HA! I said serious about some form of exercise) because I worked them hard last night.  I can definitely notice that my thighs are starting to tone but, I rarely do anything for my calves so, last night I focused on them! They're a bit tender today.. hoping to get rid of my chicken legs lol

I think I need to stop doing full body (or my version of full body) workouts and set certain days for different muscle groups! I found this on pinterest a while ago and I think it's awesome!! Really need to inquire into a trainer.. maybe on the weekend!

I do focus on my abs (that's really my goal.. have some kick ass abs to rock this summer.. gotta have goals right?) every workout and I'm starting to feel and i think see that my mid-upper stomach is staring to be defined but, the bottom isn't toning as fast.  Anyone have a recommendation on an exercise they like for the lower stomach/obliques? Something that works for you perhaps?

I'm seriously gonna put my mind to it and start going to the gym in the mornings.  I'm awake early enough but, I'm not a morning person so it's always super hard to drag my arse out of bed during the week.  But, come Monday I'm gymmin it in the AM so I can golf in the PM!

I'm exhausted now (after being up since 312am due to my friggen cats wanting to frolic in the backyard..) and it's bedtime now!


  1. Love that pic! Nice work Krista!

    1. yeah i love it! I found a motivational blog with awesome pictures on pinterest!